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Updated List as of Noon on 8/27

Posted by van der Blotten on August 28, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Here is the list of people I have as of now:

Blue Form In:

Tyler Baron

Tom Condron

Vishruth Girish

Chris Kerrane

Brianna Lausev

Nick Marchelos

Noah Masi

Kelly Muntzenberger

Matthew Notine

Pete Siozios

Milla Skugor

John Stampfli

Medically Cleared:

Tyler Baron, Vishruth Girish, Chris Kerrane, Brianna Lausev, Nick Marchelos, Matt Notine, Milla Skugor & John Stampfli

With this up, I'm now getting very upset that there are still A LOT of people who still don't even have their blue forms in.  We were supposed to start Monday, and because most people have not done what they were supposed to do, no matter the reason, we are losing 3 days of practice, and possibly more.  Tomorrow practice is at 3pm and if you are not cleared, you cannot practice!! No exceptions!! So please between now and tomorrow at 3, make me happy!! :D

Important Information - Spread The Word!!

Posted by van der Blotten on August 25, 2014 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone. So if you haven't heard yet, only 2 people were cleared today for practice. The school doctor will not be around until THURSDAY, so no one that gets their paperwork in between now until Thursday will be cleared. So we will be starting official practice on Thursday @ 3pm. That means, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PHYSICAL AND BRING IT TO THE NURSE BEFORE THURSDAY!!! You also, NEED TO GET YOUR BLUE FORM INTO THE AD'S OFFICE!! If you need a physical, you can set up an appointment with the school doctor on Thursday. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING BEFORE THURSDAY!!! As for what to do until then...


Tuesday: 35-45 Minute Run (depending on what level you are at, if you just started, 35... if you've been going, 45) + 4 Laps of Ins & Outs (4 laps of sprinting the straightaways and jogging the turns) + Core


Wednesday: TEMPO RUN --> 15 Minute Warm-Up // 10-20 Minute Tempo (again depending on level) // 10 Minute Cool-Down + Core


Thursday: Meet at 3pm under the scoreboard - YOU CANNOT PRACTICE IF YOU ARE NOT CLEARED!!! Check with the nurse beforehand if you do not know if you are medically cleared or not!!



Preseason Begins!!

Posted by van der Blotten on August 24, 2014 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone!! The official start of pre-season is finally here!! Here is how it is going to go:


I will be at the school at about 8:30am to check to see who is cleared and do some housekeeping things. If you have not handed in your forms, I would get to the school at this time to hand everything in!! I will be checking the list at 8:55am and then EVERYONE WILL MEET BY THE SCOREBOARD AT 9am SHARP!! Please do not be late!!


Those that are cleared will be running that day...

IF YOU ARE NOT MEDICALLY CLEARED, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRACTICE WITH THE TEAM!!! I just heard upon my return from Foundation that our AD has stepped down and they are still searching for one. That means as coaches, we are on high-alert to make sure everything is being done legally and by the book, so if you are not cleared, you cannot practice with us until you are.


Either way, you will be given a week schedule of practice times and workouts. We will be practicing with Mineola on Friday. Otherwise, any questions or concerns, come to the school at 8:30am to find me. Do not wait until 9am because I have to get practice going!!